Start a New Blank Page

You can reboot your life by starting a new blank page.

In writing, it’s easy to start everything from scratch. 

If what you have written looks bad, if it doesn’t come up the way you expected, or if things get messy, you always start a blank page.

Paper is cheap and the page on your digital screen is free.

Pull out the dirty page, insert a new one or delete the content on your PC screen and you’re back to square one.

You can also do this in your life.

If you don’t like what’s currently happening, if you are not living the life you have dreamed of, you can start a blank page.

You have the edge if you restart your life right now compared when you were starting off when you were younger,

You now have the skills, the knowledge, the connections and the experiences.

Delete the things you don’t need, grab a blank page and restart your life.

But unlike in writing which is free, in life there is a price. You need to unlearn bad habits and beliefs you’ve stored in your brain.

It’s not easy. It will be uncomfortable but it is worth every penny of it.

Once you’re ready to reboot your life, start building it.

Start new plans. Set new goals. Learn new things. Develop new skills.

Start building the life you always wanted. Build it brick by brick until you achieve it.

No one is preventing you from doing it except yourself.

Anyone can change and anyone can restart, but sadly, not everyone will.

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