“RESULTS” is the Name of the Game

Competition is all around us.

The person who outworks his competitor will be the winner. And being a winner means more profit or higher chances of promotion, pay raise or if worse things happen, not the first one to close or get fired.

Nobody cares anymore if you are working hard or not. Your customers, boss or employer doesn’t care about the damn sh*t you do every day.

What they care about is the value that you bring to them. Everyone wants their money’s worth. They want you to produce more than what is expected of you.

The objective of the game is results, results, and more results. I guess this is what people care about these days, including me and you.

So focus on delivering more value. Invest in yourself. Be the best in your profession; keep on learning and keep on developing new skills.

Make yourself more productive and more competitive. This will increase your chances on staying in the game.

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